What's the approximate amount of symptoms per day for you?

  • About 1-50
  • About 50-100
  • About 100-200
  • About 300-500
  • About 500-750
  • About 750-1000 or even more

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So the amount of all the “cling” moments when you’ve noticed a symptom.

300-500 for me. On a bad OCD day it can easily be 750-1000 though.


The positives are constant, but I’m able to treat them as background noise and do my own thing.


While I sometimes only have 10 bad manner symptoms then sometimes I even might get 2000 per a day.

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I’ve never counted them.

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I constantly have a voice chattering at me - audio hallucination and I’ll get visual hallucinations too - they’re minor though. I know they’re not real. Before I was medicated I thought my hallucinations were real.