What's the alternative to antipsychotics for mood?

I can’t take antidepressants because they make me slightly manic.

And I am fed up of taking this anti-psychotic. The UK is different because we don’t have all the meds available in the USA. I don’t think we have Lurasidone. I know its released but I asked my pdoc who knew nothing of it. I don’t want to take Seroquel, Clozapine, Zyprexa or Respiridone so I don’t have much choice.

I have not had a psychosis in 5 years.

Over a year ago tried going off of the meds and ended up with mood issues so I had to go back on Abilify.
It was not a psychosis that I had. So I still want to try going off and try alternatives that don’t involve antipsychotics.

So which ones have worked well for your moods? And doesn’t cause weight gain?

I hope you find a meds that work soon,then stick on it

I am on Mirtazapine since 2013,it helps my mood and doesn’t have a lot of side effect except feeling sleepy in the morning which coffee can counter it

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Unfortunately because of my mood issues I can not go on antidepressants but I did try Sertraline and Cipralex before.

Stay away from lithium anyway , it will probably be suggested if you do not want to take an AP or an AD.

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Probably have to start looking at supplements.

Omega-3 (fish oil) great for bipolar, depression ADD, SZ etc. Also sell them cheaply at supermarkets these days. Ideally though, diet high in omega-3 is better then the processed manufactured product.

SAM-e is also one many diagnosed with bipolar and people who suffer with depression swear by. Never tried myself as am on Omega-3 sups.

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Is Lithium not a natural salt? I guess it requires regular blood tests, etc. that i don’t want to go through

prolonged use is not good

St. John’s wart did wonders for my mood issues prior to severe psychosis.

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You are kind of in the same shoes as me @anon80629714 - I started to mood cycle again yesterday - lots of anger and depression.

You can stick with Abilify and try raising the dose if possible or have your doctor add a mood stabilizer like lithium (too many side effects) Depakote ( Big weight gaining drug) or Tegretol ( weight neutral)

She can give you another Antipsychotic like Zyprexa or Seroquel - more side effects.

If I were you I would try to raise the dose of the Abilify (its a pretty safe drug)

You have options, but your pdoc may decide that you need to stay on an Antipsychotic - just adding a mood stabilizer to the mix - Best of luck to you.

Be very careful with OTC supplements like St Johns Wart and Sam E - it can trigger mania so can antidperessants of any kind

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What about a mood stabiliser? Lamotrigine is a good one that doesn’t cause much weight gain. It didn’t help me much though, but everybody is different, and I heard it is a good med.