What's that thing?

What you always wanted to know but were scared to ask.

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We were taught not to embarrass anyone. Don’t ask any question that might put someone else on the spot.

I had a childhood from Heck.


I think it’s the questioner’s anger more than any desire to cause embarrassment. Why should the obvious be kept secret? It plagues the mind.

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I’m not sure what you mean. In my childhood, it was not safe to get angry.

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I don’t know that I can understand you, either. I was an angry child, but the anger went untreated, not even recognized.

I can’t think of anything. If I ever wanted to know about something I normally found out about it.

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I ask Google all of my questions

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My Dad threatened that if he got too angry, he might lose it and kill one of us children. We believed him.

If we expressed anger, he would get really angry. Therefore, it was not safe to show anger in my family of origin.

A number of my siblings are really angry adults. I don’t think I’m really angry.

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My mother was angry. She would hack me on the arm with the side of her hand. It was so painful. I was terrified of her. I was not myself with her. My father required worship. They were a difficult pair. Being in adult foster care now is like adult adoption in a way. The provider and her husband are like parents to me in a way and it’s an opportunity to learn a better way to live. But it is very hard to face the past and change it.