What's that tapping noise

This tapping sound made me feel worried. What just happened. I’m paranoid. I feel like some one can come to my window and shoot me. Or the floor will collapse. What’s that tapping noise.

That sounds scary. Are you in a house or a building?

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Meds @haete , meds. You’ve got to get your meds sorted. Don’t forget.


To do or not to do.
The journey continues

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I was hearing different sounds as I laid in my dark room. Assuming the serotonin is breaking down I began to focus on the silence. It wasn’t silent. I was spazzing in the dark. Then it went completely silent…how weird. It was my fridge. Idk what was that tapping sound though…every time I tried to locate the sound,it went silent like ?

could be a percussionist


Its the ghost of mr poes raven rapping on your chamber door…dont let him in he will just hog your netflix and eat all your animal crackers…that ■■■■■■■…

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Maybe your neighbor got a woodpecker for a pet.

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It’s your refrigerators cooling system. My fridge does it too. My gf freaked out when she heard it one night.

Try not to let the paranoia swing too much . Just let it be.

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The water pipes in our house will make a tapping noise when the pressure is too high, and the heater made some sort of crackling sound when it was acting up.
The House settling does make some interesting sounds too.

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There are a lot a noises out there in the world.

Meds help you not focus on them and focus on reality and not to get upset by noises and random stuff.

I used to call it going circular. I would worry about one thing, noises, government, (insert your own issue here. ). Then I would obcess about it and it would spin around in a circle and I would get nothing accomplished.

That’s how meds work for me. Now if I can just use my mind not to worry. Well I have some issues, so meds it is

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I’ll Get those meds this week.