Whats that disease called?

You know the one where the person feels no pain? Whats that called?

I was thinking people could find a way of inducing that condition and replace our feelings of pain to know if we are hurt to something else that picks it up and tells our brains.

That’d be great right?! If they could take away all pain and just add something that can detect discomfort without torturing you.

Now thats a disease right there, id much rather have that!

It’s called congenital analgesia. The only problem is people keep getting injured because they don’t feel pain and don’t know it. I like your idea of turning the pain input into something else. That would solve a lot of problems.

I drink Mountain Dew, Mountain lightening, moon mist… drinks with brominated vegetable oil. It’s used to keep the drink ingredients mixed, but it also is really good at wiping iodine out, which in turn will allow you to feel a lot less. I discovered this one day after drinking a few cans of the stuff. Of course, there are repurcusions, but with a moderate amount… works very well. I drink a red drink after that to balance out the T3 and T4 thyroid hormones and the ill effects are lessened.
Lithium orotate also works well, but not as well in this way, and not as quick.

Dr oz says brominated vegetable oil causes brain damage. http://m.ibtimes.com/disgusting-ingredient-gatorade-brominated-vegetable-oil-bvo-other-drinks-bvo-938038