What's stopping you from taking action?

I think I have delusions of reference. It’s just something I realised in the past day or so. I jam up because e.g. I believe deep down that somebody will die if I tidy certain things up. Etc.

What’s stopping you from doing things?

my anxiety and energy levels at the moment,

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I think writing about my delusions of reference has dislodged something. I’ve just ordered a paper shredder to get tidying.

I never realised I had those delusions deep down. Time to face them somehow.

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my anxiety and depression.

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Anxiety avoidance.

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My brother asked me why I never do any art or projects any more. I told him my table never got cleared off - been that way for years. He offered to come by twice a month + clear it off. It’s been cleared off for about a month. I have a project on the table. Maybe this week - He is also filling my medicine boxes which helps me keep up with taking it.


Anxiety lack of motivation…fear and godam hallucinations…most of the time the visuals are ridiculous and i can disregard them but the audibles are convincing…

You have a nice brother- i aspire to be like him to my sister. (although in my situation im the sick one)

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Lack of motivation mostly.

Though recently I got my butt up to deal with this bed bug problem that we’ve had for several months. Mostly because the little bastards infested my dreams and made it more uncomfortable to sleep than normal.

Maybe there is also a fear of some sort - like persecution delusions. I don’t always express everything I feel or think even if it’s an intense feeling or thought.


Yes, I feel lucky. I have two brothers - one living at a distance - who both support me. And I do my part In entertaining Them + enriching their lives I think. Don’t forget your sister needs you. A lot of families don’t get along.

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I bought a paper shredder. It took awhile but finally I had almost all my papers shredded, recycled or boxed + filed. It was such a relief to be free of years of paper clutter.

Then I happened to put one of those paper-like ‘cards’ the AARP is always sending me through. The center of the card with the typing had some sort of plastic/metal strip through it that completely + irreparably jammed shredder.

Don’t you do that.

Weariness and feeling that I’m not getting across to people.

I don’t know. I want to do things but I just can’t get myself to do them. Even to eat when I’m hungry.