Whats so "different" about clozapine....does it not just mess about with your dopamine....does it do anything other than that?

Whats so different about clozapine. Is it all just hype because it is a dangerous drug. People think because its a dangerous drug, then its effect must be a lot more serious (a bit like taking hard drugs). Anyway, personally I think its a load of bolox. Sure, doesn’t it really only try to alter the dopamine in your brain, just like all the other anti psychotics. What else does it do. Whats “different” about it?

What does it do that is different? other than mess around with your dopamine?

What makes Clozapine special is it is not such a strong antagonist of the D2 receptor as every other antipsychotic. Clozapine’s unique mechanism of action is it works on the D4 receptor, something no other AP does.


What’s that mean about the effects from it you can feel, notice?