Whats my chances of passing cdr

Im wondering what my chces are of passing my cdr ( disability review ) im worried i might not pass becase im not having any more delusions or hulucionations from taking my meds but i still suffer from isolation depression and i have add to so i have probloms focusing im scared idt ill ever pass a job interview cause idk how to explain thing to them ive gotten all my jobs without having to get thro an interview sorry for my grammer

with disability you have to have the doctor treating you doing the paperwork so he would take care of it

I think you have cognitive impairment which you may be describing as add. 85% of schizophrenics have it. Read about it and see: https://www.omh.ny.gov/omhweb/cogdys_manual/CogDysHndbk.htm

Just be honest about your symptoms. I remember some advice on here. Someone once said to describe your worst day during the interview and on forms. That’s what I did and I passed the review. Plus as @mjgh06 the pdoc does paperwork so I think that helped.

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Thanks guys i just hope i pass i have a little over two years b4 review so i guess its silly that im worried now i just dont think ill ever b able to work but ive gotten so much better on meds

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