Whats more important to you?


Your dream job or your dream partner?


I think for me is job… I feel bad going to job I don’t like… living alone is also bad but not that much… having job you like makes your life more interesting and happier


dream partner would be better. I would have a sidekick.


I pick dream partner because you can replace your dream job, but you can never replace your dream partner.


There’s no such thing as either. :roll_eyes:


A dream partner. I love my husband.


I hate partners


I have my dream job…I am a mom

My dream partner would be someone who takes me fishing and watches hockey and football with me. And not expect any more.


Dreamjob, but I would love my partner the same way I love my job.


You can always find another job or career. A partner can be hard to find and hold onto so I’d vote that way!


I already have my dream partner, my husband. I wouldn’t trade him for the world!


I just want to find the truth in life


I’d take a dream partner and an iffy job over a dream job and an iffy partner. But the dream job is more likely to lead to the dream partner anyhow.


Personally i would take a dream partner over a dream job. I can always change jobs later on, but i don’t want to cycle through a bunch of dead beat guys until i find a good partner.


Partner. Although i am not entirely sure id be capable of a relationship still, or if i even ever was. Too many bad relationship choices.


Dream partner deffinatly.ni don’t care about work.


Job I’m prob never gunna have a partner


Hmm! This is a hard one. If I can offer the possibility of a dream platonic partner well sure that would be my choice.


I have the idea that, when I find my dreamjob, I will find spontaneous happiness. I won’t depend on a partner to feel happy and I will help a lot of people. It opens doors to find my dream partner.

I don’t like the idea of being emotionally dependent of a partner. I have to be happy at first in order to make my partner happy. It’s about giving, and not leeching. That’s why I prefer a dreamjob.


Dream job