What's in a gene?

Mentions of schizophrenia.

One of these undesired results is schizophrenia, which may be linked to changes in a certain calcium channel encoded by the CACNA1C gene, which may well be an interesting, druggable target.

One of these regulatory mechanisms is alternative splicing. So, the CACNA1C gene exists in the heart and the brain, but different isoforms exist in either organ, thanks to all of the different exons within the gene that can give rise to similar proteins with different functions.

The problem with this in the era of genome editing is that, while removing schizophrenia, a change in DNA sequence in the CACNA1C gene might also cause the heart to malfunction.

On the one hand, it is possible that we can better understand all of the different isoforms of CACNA1C and where they appear, so that we can perhaps target only those versions that appear linked to schizophrenia in the brain while the versions expressed in the heart remain unaffected.

On the other hand, it is clear that we still have much to discover when it comes to alternative splicing, and that editing genes may have umpteen unknown consequences we have yet to discover.


I think this goes to show that gene editing is a very tricky business. Getting it wrong could have deadly consequences.


Thanks for the summary!!! It’s all very interesting. I think we are on the brink of better treatment and understanding. We just need that lightbulb moment when someone figures something out!

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I heard it’s possible to naturally change your genes.

I doubt that. Unless you get close to a radioactive element. But then some fatal changes will occur.

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Are “to get close to” and “to come near” synonymous?

I don’t doubt it because even Harvard study epigenetics. It’s worth to take a look.

Epigenetics deals with gene expression. But genes reside within the dna and to my knowledge can’t be altered after birth.

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If it was true, twins should have the same traits of personality. This is article from Quora about it, but use your own discerniment:


I’ll read it tomorrow. It’s midnight here, time for sleep :sleepy::sleeping:

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