What's harder to loose?

What is harder?
To loose your mind or to loose the most important person in your life?

I think once you lose your mind you lose everything in a sense.


Well said @Turtle43
I totally agree!


If you lose your mind you already lose that person.

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" She lost her youth and she lost her Tony
Now she’s lost her mind"

At the copa, copa cabana

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That’s the hardest

Some people lose their mind and the most important person in doing so. Others lose the most important person and then lose their mind as a result.


I agree with you both too.

If I lose my mind then I’ve lost all my loved ones because I’m too crazy to be with them and probably might be paranoid about them or so .
If I lose my mind I feel all alone and that I have no one even if someone is there perhaps genuinely in love.

If I lose my closest loved one I have my sanity and I can believe that no death do us part and that they are always with me and have faith in that.
If i have my sanity I can also perhaps appreciate genuine people who love and care for me and be able to enjoy food and other delights still.

I’m reading a book now called we never die.

Losing your sanity you can lose everything.
Unable to enjoy food or anything, isolate , all alone and have absolutely no one, unbearable suffering etc


I lost my bestie and my baby and everything recently and i thought i would be overwhelmed and need to be hospitalised and that i would lose my mind and not cope but thankfully I’m ok.

I think she wanted me to be calm and not faint and scream etc

I pray for her and talk to her.
I like to believe she is always with me.
That our love is eternal forever.


Righty tighty lefty loosey

Equal - if i lose my most important person - I will lose my mind for sure.


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