What's happiness for you?


I think many of us want happiness, just it. I’m looking for happiness all the time and I’m learning how to deal with it. Some external things can make us blind of what happiness really means. Maybe you think a relationship will make you happy, or maybe money, job, cars, health, purpose, etc. But no, none of it can make you happy. It makes you happy for a limited extent of time.

I think happiness is your pure state of being. It’s when you really can be yourself.


The absence of symptoms. That makes me very happy.


I am happy when it is a cold winter’s day, snowing outside, and my whole family is at home sitting around the fireplace watching a movie or playing a game. Hot cocoa is just icing on the cake.


I think what makes me truly happy is knowing I am helpful to others. If I can see that my presence is having a positive effect on those around me, I feel like I’m a worthy person.

I have been working on finding value and meaning within myself, instead of in others. It’s a long process, though.


Happiness for me is when I see my family happy especially my parents. They had to put up a lot with my illness… I want to make them happy all the time.


What would you do if you had absence of symptoms? I remember I felt miserable even when I stopped having negative symptoms.

And when you’re not helping people, how do you feel?

How would you feel if you was forced to be separated from your family?


I do not really suffer from symptoms at the moment. But at the moment that I would really have no problems anymore. Then I would naturally take a lot more risks.


Miserable. I have zero inner peace. But I’m working on it. In the meantime, there are worse ways to spend my time than working in human services and volunteering here.


I would feel very very bad… it’s would be a very tough situation for me.


I think I would become reclusive and very depressed. I have a hard time going out without my husband, and I don’t have any friends. My family means everything to me.


Maybe we need to let it go. I think it can come from breathing, meditation and just being with yourself. I’m also looking for true happiness that doesn’t come from external things.


Being a good and kind person.


Being comfortable in your own skin


That’s pretty much it for me too @Butterflyy.


Happiness to me is… hmm… coloring books, plush toys, I guess things that remind me of being a kid again, since I never really got to experience much of my childhood by proxy of not remembering any of it. I cling to those things.


Happiness for me is all animals. I love them all. Frogs, bats, rats, snakes, slugs, whatever.

Animals are the only pure thing left in this world I think.


Happiness for me is also being surrounded by nice cute things I love. I like being around stuff I find aesthetically pleasing. I’m pretty materialistic.


Yes being yourself is the best and while my interests are bizarre I can indulge in them within the privacy of my own home. I pay my bills every month so I’m not gonna apologize for my quirks. :slight_smile:


Yes happiness is from within.


Financial security and being able to afford all the things I want/need.

Additionally, as someone who has never managed to get more than 5 or 6 hours sleep in a night for four years, to me it would be simply laying down and having a deep, restful sleep until I woke up naturally.

God that would be so nice.