Whats happening

i just stopped smoking cannabis for 3-5 days now. and i feel wierd feelings in my body, i feel good do, buts its a little annoying. i read that it can take 1 months or more for my body and brain to be clean. i cant remember when i felt like this before.i was thinking about getting a job wery soon. but at the same time i dont feel ready yet. i feel that there is nothing wrong with me, because i stopped smoking. i think i have to give my self time for me to heal. if it gets better then this wich im wery sure off. life is good. i dont know if cannabis made my psycotic i dont think so… but… i live in another world when i smoke and my life is on hold. and cant figure anything out. i think maybe i started smoking because i started to develop schizophrenia. but now im done with beein ill and smoking cannabis. ive been on meds for 2-3 years now. took a long time before i wanted help or help was pushed my way. i have many things to find out now. thats all. just wanted to wright it.

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Well done for making it 5 days without cannabis!

Good luck with the job hunting. I think when you make good choices in one part of your life, good things happen in other parts of your life.


Yes, congratulations! And all of your realizations are impressive! Get help if you need to to stay off of it. One good thing will lead to another :heart: