Whats going on

I lost my internet it was not payed for a long time created new internet account it will be back soon

Going to get script later. Also get medical recrds sent to other practice sorry if anyone was worried. My internet cut out at the most funny time. I am better than ‘him’ in everway. Thats how i feel when i play checkers with my father

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My father was always top dog, he still is actually despite his absence.

To each his own

I am focusing on some real world matters. One of my overarching things is ‘taking care of the vermin’ because most humans are vermin and as weak as they are if you dont protect yourself they will destroy you, by causing you to be in mental hosptial or getting you evicted, etc. There is literally no benefit in associating with these vermin. They are completely stupid and have no idea what they are doing and they are a threat

As a perfectionist genius I am going to sew my overlapped toilet seat covers together. They will simply be tacked down, but if overlapped they will be sewn as for the fabric. I will clean them in laundry sink. Did something great with my computer monitor for easy sliding back and forth as well


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