What's going on out there today?!?

Now that I am clean and sober, it is funny what I used to call a “good time” with drugs. I used to think spending the night in crack houses was a “good time”. Never mind that I was cooped up in a small garage with 7 other crackheads I didn’t know who were out to cheat me or scare me or use me.

Or I used to think a “good time” was patrolling the streets in the worst part of town looking for drugs and then letting strangers into my car if they had at least one hit of crack to share and then being conned into driving all over town.

Or going into the mental health clinic and smoking crack in the bathroom for ten minutes and then immediately walking into group therapy and sitting in a roomful of people for an hour.

Ah yes: I use to consider twisted, “warped” times with twisted, warped people as fun entertainment.


Lmao Nick that’s funny and sad at the same time. Makes me think of Tyrone Biggums… “HMMM, peanut butter and crack sandwich!”.

Coachella is like that. Plain messed up. So now they have mini-ERs, AA & NA tents meetings all over the grounds. Sick.

Lollapalooza (spelling?) had gotten that way, too. The local authorities didn’t want it around anymore. Overwhelmed fire ddepartments, ambulance services, ERs and all that.

San Jose. All the Way. (Most of the rest of Cali, as well.)

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I want to move to Cali or Seattle

Way to go, Nick, on overcoming those old days. Can you share what worked for you?

cleaning the spacecraft :rocket: and fixing one of the droids…that is about it. :smiley:
oh yeah and it is snowing :snowman:
take care :alien:

Snowing? What mountain you live on?

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There is a riot(racial ones)at my country,the incident happens yesterday

So very VERY hot here. I think my cat just melted.


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Daze, I joined AA, CA, and NA on a whim after 4 years of quite heavy addiction. I was watching TV one day and a commercial came on listing a phone number to call if you wanted to get help stopping drugs. I called the number and it was CA. A recording gave out some locations of meetings and one was near my house. I had been through the wringer with drugs and was eager to get help. I went to my first meeting and there were about ten people there. I thought everybody hated me there and that they were all laughing at me but after the meeting ended about 4 or 5 people came up to me and welcomed me as a newcomer and shook my hand. I was impressed and I found a couple more meetings in the vicinity. I started going a few times a week but sadly I still found it necessary to use more drugs. I went to meetings regularly for about 4 months but I still used.

I was living with my dad and I was 29 years old. He didn’t know what to do with me so he put me in a 4 month residential treatment home. While I was there, I stopped using crack but I was still drinking.

I wandered downstairs one night and found an AA meeting taking place in our large dining room. I made a choice to sit in that night and then I started going regularly. After two or three months of steady meeting attendance I went to bed early one night and all of a sudden I got that old strong urge to use. My brain went into overdrive and I made plans to get up early the next morning, borrow some money, and buy a $100 worth of crack and smoke it up.

But those months of steady meeting attendance had sunk in and the obsession and compulsion to use had been lifted and has never come back. I ended up going to 5 or 6 meetings a week for my first 5 years in the program and I got a sponsor and worked the 12 steps. I haven’t touched drugs or alcohol since January 1st, 1990. And not coincidentily my last hospitalization was in 1990 too.


new england
great dividing range
take care :alien:

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