Whats going on lately

i’ve been experiencing shaking from a side effect of my haldol. i also have been experiencing less symptoms but still a lot of paranoia and anxiety. my in laws have a rule, work and no problems. They believe that if i work my butt off then the symptoms will go away. the pdoc put me on congentin and raised the dose of haldol. But i’ve noticed i’ve been happier lately, i think its because my partner is going back to school and getting her high school diploma and then get CNA training. My partner promised as soon as she gets a job i can get a crested gecko.


It’s good to hear you’re happy.

Not a lot going on here. I’m very poor this week. Just stocked up on some embarrassingly basic food.

Wrecked my bike so that’s an expense coming out of next month. I could see a new tire being costly. But I haven’t had any issues in the 5 years ive owned the bike so that’s overdue I guess.

More music!

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I started school again this fall. I’m actually taking 2 classes on campus instead of just online. I started getting a little paranoid and stressed out during one my classes, but I didn’t act on it, just sat through class. I also almost hit another car in the parking lot after class because I was so tired. The medicine makes it so I don’t hear voices, but it also makes me extremely drowsy in the morning and at night. I don’t have a choice though if I want to do anything with my life in the future.

watch out! can’t you just use public transport? you could pass out, and hurt yourself and other people also. It’s almost like drunk driving.

For this one community college I could get there from public transportation, but I have to get used to driving because it is pretty much impossible to get almost anywhere without driving where I live.

Yeah but it’s really dangerous if you’re drowsy. Maybe you can take your meds at night? You’re gonna have major regret if you get hurt or hurt someone

Awesome!! :wink:

I regret just about all of my actions in life, but learning to drive will probably not be one of them. It’s something I would rather never have to do because it is dangerous, but I’m never going to get better at driving if I never do it. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I figure it’s a risk I have to take if I am going to ever get a job. the only way I could get out of driving is to become homeless for the rest of my life or completely dependent on family, neither of which I really want to do.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I was just worried about the part that you were drowsy. You should feel 100% normal to drive. It’s dangerous. I know sometimes I don’t drive because of meds side effects or when I can’t focus.

You’re right, but if I get a job I’m going to have to work more than 40 hours a week, assuming I get my dream job of being an auditor or a software engineer, and both those jobs require overtime, so I will have to get better at driving while drowsy.

Isn’t that even illegal? can’t you just fix your meds?

Dunno, I was a software engineer for years and there were long stretches with no overtime. Good luck!