What's everyone up to this fine day?! How are you?

I’m doing some housework and then I’m going run on the treadmill. I’m trying to stay positive and motivated.
Hope everyone is doing okay:)


It’s a holiday here in Portugal, I’m spending all day in my pajamas :smile: Will study in a while.


I’m contemplating my navel. Nah, seriously, I have nothing going on today. Tomorrow I babysit. But today? Psssh, not a damned thing.

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I have herpes on my lip and it’s making me dull and tired.

I stayed home from work today. Noise in my head makes it hard sometimes to focus at work. So, right now I’m on the couch with my cat. Next step is undetermined.

Today I am working out with my friends in an hour and a half, then lunch with them, then study biology, go to the shrink, tell him I’ve been taking NyQuil every night (bad) and then study biology, cook and eat dinner, and then go to bed with a bottle of meds and a Heath ledger bobblehead.

Right now I’m still in my morning shock phase. I wake up pretty ■■■■■■ in the head at 8am then it takes me till 11am to feel just fine. I’m a little off right now. I wake up gagging and vomiting and then it’s meds and breakfast and then recover, feel my vitals regulate and my head clear and then I’m a different person.

I was out of cigarettes today so i decided to quit. It’s been four hours since i smoked my last one. Im also juicing to lose weight. I will cook a vegetarian dish today with wheat tomatoes and chilli paste. Im not eating a lot most of the days. Not much else! I will read some negative things about tobacco to help me stay motivated :v:t2:

I am waiting for UCONN to beat the terps!

Go uconn beat the terps!

I get the cold sore virus on my lip as well from time to time. Try a product called ‘Blistex’, @Treebeard…It works like a charm! It’ll clear it up in a few days as opposed to over a week.

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I use a cream with aciclovir in it. It works well but it’s kind of expensive.

I’m working still, finish in an hour and a half [9pm] UK time. Doing some overtime to get a little extra money in so I can get some more tattoos :smiley:

Been listening to old Malay and English songs (Westlife!) of the 90s. Call me crazy, but I have just renamed one of my modem SSID to “****** Free Wi-Fi” (no password needed).


Ahhh good old Brit Pop - Not my thing but I see the appeal :wink:

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So it’s 5 pm and i still havent smoked :smoking:
I just have to resist when i go out and see friends in the next couple days. Otherwise im not stressed at all! I made lentil soup instead and had a cup. :stew:

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Haha, you should put the name free wifi, but still have a password for it.

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Delivered about 30,000L of diesel fuel today. This is a pic of my in-truck meter panel just after I started pumping off.

Two trips to two different customers. A pleasant day.

Looks like my truck is going in for a wiring issue tomorrow so I’ll probably wind up doing ‘dog jobs’ around the shop to get my hours in. Ah, well, it’s a living.