Whats common between us?

we all have voices some from cia some from gis some from dead people
we all hear we all dont believe but we must believe coz they r talking to our senses
we all dont have friends
we all failed failed and failed too much times
for me i failed 9 years untill i managed to finish college some give up some dont give up
we all tend to take medication as we all knew thats illness
but medication has side effects
they dont actuially work as voices say
they say say and say and our minds go back , back and back
we also have delusion
whats delusions
it is hallucination after repeating many many times

All of what you said can be cured, I don’t have voices or delusions of being… And also no negatives, just my mind is not as potent as before but my knowledge of soul is even higher than of that before illness so don’t be disappointed,
It took 12 years for me to reach this point but however I reached,


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