Whats beyond stability?

stability mentally, financially, spiritually

I see nothing in sight tbh. Maybe the pain is the only thing thats real

I don’t really think there is anything beyond stability…

Stability is more a state of being…

and all life is in fluctuation…

as we grow or age… it all changes again.

Stability to me is a fridge full of food…a tank full of gas…a carton full of smokes…

And loving and supportive family and friends. I don’t ask for much more these days. I’m living a minimalist type of lifestyle in these uncertain economic times.


Me too. I keep my life really basic and simple. That’s the way I like it.

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Friends and family. Living.


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It comes from knowing I’m doing the best I’m able for today.

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feeling well every day with added bonus’s of sheer bouts of eurphoria, feeling better than most people in society…