What's better?

I am a 21-year-old female. I’m currently drinking Explemed Rapid 15 mg.

I have noticed that the pill somewhat stops my imagination. However I’m having a question about drinking pills and treating a mental disorder as a whole:

If a person is somehow being able to manage their disease without medicamation what should be better (for their health as a whole)- to drink the pills and hope for the diasease to stop or to stop drinking them and try to control it by themselves?

I was just wondering about that. I am speaking about too much excessive imagination which into my case led to the prescription of these pills a couple of years ago.

What are your symptoms, if you don’t mind explaining a little further? For some people it’s not a question of what’s better. Their symptoms are too much to handle.

I don’t know what that is or what it does.

It is not common for the disease to just “stop”, with or without meds.

The disease can be controlled to a degree and some type of recovery is possible for many people but this is true mostly for the people who take medication. Schizophrenia is usually a life-long disease but with the proper treatment a fulfilling and productive life is still possible.

Well, I usually start imagining a fantasy world and this means I’m a lot absent-minded and I speak alone. I was wondering what would happen if I try to stop them for a week for example? Should I try to rack my brain and be focused or I shouldn’t? (I believe I can do this but I’m not sure)

Explemed Rapid is Aripiprazole by the way.

If you think you would be better off, just make sure to do it with your doctor’s help. See if your doctor thinks you might not need it anymore.