What's are your guilty pleasures?

I’ve been eating Ramen noodles :ramen: for breakfast every day lately. It sounds sad but I really look forward to it. I imagine it won’t take long to get sick of.

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I just opened a case of them, I love it, I do that with most foods, eat them till I get tired of them, then move on to something else.

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Cs:go. It’s a online pc game

Guilty pleasures? PlayStation, huge amounts of coffee, not working(I haven’t the energy), home made curry I make, some times CBD with alcohol, especially a good bottle of rum and coke. Coca Cola Life (the new coke), and all my herbs and spices which I use in currys, and herbal tonics. Any honey, I love raw honey. I sometimes spend £40 on good raw honey. Honey in my currys and spaghetti bologunese. Coconuts I love. And probably a lot more.

I used to buy frosted flakes a whole lot. now they’re okay but not as good as a few years ago. don’t know why.

I try to buy a variety of cereals because if I buy only 1 type of cereal, I’ll get bored, not eat it, and waste my money. luckily when cereal is on sale, it’s usually the whole brand (Kellogg or etc) instead of a specific type.