Whats are the negatives on abilify?

I can say Abilify was the most helpful for me for Bipolar 1, which can include psychosis and manic episodes.

No severe weight gain or sedation like on Seroquel, plus it was more effective for me. I can still function on Abilify and it doesn’t completely hinder my abilities. It really helped me with anxiety but some people say the opposite for them.

My only complaint is that by blocking aspects of Bipolar, I feel less of a quick access to my creativity. But it helps me get normal sleep and prevents distressing symptoms from returning, and it definitely helped me with my moods. I would get severe depression. It helps a lot with that and sometimes if you can tackle one symptom, the others will lessen.

It takes about 4 months to work and after continued use, symptoms go away. For me it has been somewhat difficult to withdraw from because it was the most helpful medication but also the hardest to stop taking. I experienced anxiety and restlessness after a month of being off it, but nothing severe. My psychosis did not return, neither did the worst of depression. However I had trouble sleeping as soundly, and I was more sensitive to caffeine. It seems less harmful than other medications. I would like to know more about how it works and what chemicals are in Abilify that make it so effective.

same, I’m on 20mg of Abilify too and hear voices… I’m going up to 30mg tomorrow