What's apps you got?

Im pretty sure that’s how the cookie crumbles. I don’t know any other apps I need. (Got okcupid and POF on the second screen. For whatever good those do me.)

Adblocker is and add free browser… kind of slow… but hasn’t crashed on me yet… lets me listen to add free youtube… pandora is on its way out(of my phone)…

So many. My iPad is about 6 screens, mostly games and astronomy apps. It’s a total stoner iPad, devoted to stuff to chill me out or games for my cats. Phone is for more practical stuff, and stuff to keep me occupied in life’s waiting rooms. Tablet is mainly web browsing, sitting on the couch stuff.

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Mines pretty boring lol. I haven’t found anything I really enjoy so I end up deleting most of my apps.

hesu christo! I wouldn’t know what to do

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Hey… it looks like you’ve got some mail… lol

Lol I know I need to go thru my mail :grin:

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1 screen from my iPad. It’s not a very practical machine.


Well I guess the cookie had more crumbling to do…

I use many apps. Some of the ones I use most are Google Voice and Hangouts, Plex, Snapchat, Flipboard, and Play Newstand. I have a bunch of games too though I never play them. I just don’t enjoy playing on a phone or tablet.

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good camera placement

@Rhubot great choices. Going to steal some ideas from yours

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Alright this is the final… Configuration … For now

I preemptively purchased “dashcommand” to work with the 7$ obdII wifi scanner that’s being shipped on the slow boat to me.

Also garage band is on there now… Pandora and calculator can rest on the second screen.

Ah I love tweaking with this ■■■■… Crumbling cookie nonsense…

Interesting what your 4 priority apps are on the bottom…why settings???

I mean its right there… i just moved ■■■■ around again lol

there is a method to it

98% of the time is spent on the first screen so they’re all pretty much evenly accessible… Iike the app store/settings/or camera to be at the end there. I also like camera next to photos… and I think its more logical that the settings goes last because its the OS interface and is unique in that regard. blah lbah blah one sec dude…

G-strings is a guitar tuner. Get your mind out of the gutter.

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These are my priorities

I have Twitter but never use it. I might delete that app

This is the grouping mechanism going hea

Now I’m going to go buy some orange juice.