Whats an ideal coffee break to get my caffeine tolerance down?

thoughts? how many days?

Personally, I’ve drank ten cups of coffee a day for over forty years, so my caffeine tolerance is high. I don’t know how much of my dependence on it is psychological. I think some of my body processes are dependent on caffeine. I sweat easily and a lot, but that’s not due to caffeine alone. I wonder how much damage it has done to my system.

I’m a heavy tea drinker. Heavy in a sense, I drink whenever possible. My Mother usually gives me 3 or 4 mugs of it … so around 6 or 7 cups a day. Coffee once in few months. I want to drink lots of coffee and tea but not getting to do so.

I read in few books ( I can’t read entire book or a single page alone ) and few websites quoting caffeine is not good for ADHD and Schizophrenia etc;

Also Caffeine is good with L-Theanine

I think you are doing a world of good by drinking coffee

I have lots of belly fat. Everyone says I’m good looking guy and it would be a lot better if I lose my belly fat, they say rest of the body is just okay.

Caffeine is supposed to be associated with belly fat.

I used to drink 7 or so softdrinks everyday

pepsi, coke etc

and this gave me a ugly belly