What's a good low stress job?

After destroying every job, relationship and home I’ve ever been in within a few months; after spending months in between jobs looking for one, I’ve finally been diagnosed. My problem now is what is something I’m not going to run away from or sabotage? Im about to be homeless because I have no income.
I always liked to assume I was good at everything but now Im being told to take it easy and maybe everything isn’t so good after all. I need to quit flipping out on people. But I’ll probably go crazy trying to live in a hole in the ground in the mountains. I do need people in my life. Just not all the time.

Hi there I always suggest temp agencies like Labor Ready or others. Once you sign up you can go in office early and wait to be placed. It might be on daily basis though.

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I am not sure if some of these choices will work or not.

Check with human resources for many jobs that are not posted in classifieds.

Medical receptionist jobs at nursing homes during the evenings and on weekends can be less stressful than others, as you do not work around too many other office employees (if any).

Delivery techs do not always need CDLs.

Are you more inclined to get necessary training and then work low key? Phlebotomists and Central Service Technicians (sterile processing of surgical instruments/endoscopes) require affordable training and certification. But once you have completed these steps, you can work semi- alone and in a routine. Believe it or not, drawing blood comes easy to some folks. Sometimes routine visits are established. As a sterile tech, you can make a lot of money completing the same tasks daily in the station you are set up in.


Ill check out the labor ready for sure, theres one a few miles away, not a far walk. They took my license away a very long time ago :frowning:

Ssi/stamps recipient

I’m a janitor. It’s low-stress and easy work.