What's a good amount of paid time off? vacation at work

i’d be happy with 3 weeks off, dad was a union employee and after years he had like 6 weeks off a year, pretty good. the most i ever got was 2 weeks or 10 days paid time off. after a year of employment, i took it, then quit my job haha.

im thinking next time i work, instead of taking my vacation all at once i will just take a friday and monday off, for an extended weekend a few times a year, probably in the summer.


I currently get three weeks (fifteen days) of paid vacation, seven paid personal days, and fourteen paid sick days. We also get one paid day for community volunteering. Once I reach five years at the company they bump me up to four weeks (twenty days) of paid vacation.


That seems fair and is very similar to the program my husband has at work.


Ive never had paid vacation except for paying myself.

My dad at his last job got 11 weeks paid. His new job is 5 weeks or 6

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My ex husband’s boss always says if we can function without you for 3 weeks, we don’t need you

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Time to find new work.


Some employers just like to grind rinse repeat. Its too bad because vacation is meant to give a nice recharge and work life balance

Making someone live in fear of being flagged as useless and losing their employment so their vacation is consumed by anxiety is 100% a DICK MOVE.

Of course, I do admit to having co-workers who aren’t missed when they’re on vacation except that there are fewer of their mistakes to clean up.

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Yeah especially workers who arnt in an easy position to just leave.
For me I would be confident to give my notice and move on if I was treated like that.

I remember once i hired this 39 year old guy (i was 27) and he didnt like how I approached the work processes (new school vs old school) and one day I just lost it lol and was like “WE ARE NOT USING SPOONS TO CLEAN GUTTERS. this is not rocket science here” :joy: then one of my other workers showed him how to do it efficiently. Then we left him to go do another property and he called me later moping saying “you cant treat me like this!!! Blah blah blah” then he quit lol.

I definitely went through a few of those types before i settled on hiring the 20-30 year olds instead

Its interesting to be on both sides of the workforce as employer and employee. Gives a good perspective

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There’s more fear about employment as you age. It’s a fact that ageism is an issue. Most of my younger co-workers expected me to be less competent because of age, and especially to be less skilled with computers. Boy, were they caught out on that last one. In any case, older workers are at a bit of a disadvantage when job hunting for sure.

I am lucky that people with my skillset are hard to find right now in the insurance industry. Hard to find ready to run and expensive to hire and train. That’s a large part of why my company treats me well.

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Yeah I am glad you found a space you can work in and be knowledgeable and grow with the company :+1: :+1:

I think at my old job we got 2 weeks vacay and 5 days personal days. If an immediate family member died they gave us 5 consecutive days bereavement. Ie if the family member died on Friday then we’d have to be back at work Wednesday.

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In the UK I think it’s the law to have 20 days plus the 5 or 6 bank holidays

My old job I got 25 days plus bank holidays

Now I am self employed, I just factor in holiday pay in my day rate

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From what I heard, most industrialized countries generally give more vacation time than the U.S. Read that a long time ago.

I accumulate about two hours of vacation time every two week payday.
It works out to about 60 hours a year or about 12 days. I ain’t complaining, it’s the first job I’ve gotten paid vacation. Also get sick pay, about one hour every two weeks. At the end of the year, if you didn’t use all your vacation, it rolls over to the new year. You lose the unused sick pay though. Also we can cash in our vacation days anytime during the year, as much as we have saved up.

One perk I’ve used three times in seven years is we are allowed “mental health days”. I don’t know how many I get but it is almost my favorite bonus.

Not to mention a free debit card that we can use to pay at certain medical facilities. Also for parking costs.
Medicare pays almost all my medical costs but I pay about $2.00 per prescription for about half my 10 medications and I can use this card to pay that $2.00 or $3.00. Since I get some medication almost every week and a half it really saves me some money.

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Australia used to be so good.

Full time in any industry was 4 weeks with 17.5% loading. I used to take holidays to buy a car or something because the cash was so good.

In America in the book company I got 2 weeks. Moved up to 3 or so with 10 years service. Gawd. We used to have it so good over here for those who worked.


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