What's a cure for real thought broadcasting

Idk man I’ve had a lot of experiences that make it seem real I’m just hoping it goes away soon And is supremacists all you take?

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I dont know what you mean by supremacists? I take 10 mg zyprexa and 1000 depakote and something called strattera in the morning. I know it feels like people are reacting to your thoughts but if you ask them about something you thought earlier, they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about. That was when I started to question whether or not it was real, when my brother had no idea about the thoughts I thought he could hear.

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I think it is a good mix for me

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I’ve had many kinds of delusions, but never thought broadcasting. It sounds scary


I think I suffer from this, too. I feel like people perhaps react to my thoughts and my mind usually gets “stuck” on someone and I start wondering if they know that I’m thinking about them, and are they thinking about me? etc. Or like if our minds are linked somehow, when I’m thinking about them. Can anyone relate to that?

Perhaps it’s one of the reasons I isolate a lot. All this went away once for me, since my breakdown, about 7 years ago, after I took an antipsychotic (Risperdal) for the first time in my life. I became a zombie, stopped the AP, and about 6 or 7 days later felt totally normal and symptom-free, like I awoke from a weird dream I was living in since my breakdown several months prior. Unfortunately I relapsed that same night, and since then I never experienced that remission that I felt that one day.

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Abilify helped me a lot, I take a low dose, but it helps, also anything with CBD in it, and fish oil would probably help relax you. It’s all related to stress

I don’t know if this helps, or if its thought broadcasting

I feel like if they look into my eyes they can read my soul, find out when I think I am, see into me, and read everything about me. My emotions, my memories, it all. I don’t like being exposed like that.

I avoid eye contact a lot, sometimes mirrored glasses help.

I learned to “pull my mind in” from thought broadcasting because I decided it was a waste of energy. Also, it was like faking being sociable. Friendships can be actual once in awhile. We have to be careful when we do find a friend When we have paranoia, we will shoo them away even unintentionally.

Well,thought broadcasting will not go away,but being mentally and physically occupied as possible,will help it,you might even forget that you are thought broadcasting!!if it’s been with you for many years,you will most probably have become very sensitive and self conscious,that probably will stay with you,as well,the sooner a person with thought broadcasting seeks help,the better the outcome.

Are you sure, is yours real? If it won’t go away that’s a life ruiner

Did yours ever go away fully or no? Really appreciate the response

Not fully, just helped with sleep, which helped with the rest of the illness. It makes where you can function a lot better, id give a shot, I don’t plan on taking meds forever

@Broadcaster, I suffered with both thought broadcasting and thought insertion for a total of 33 years, but, what eventually worked for me was polypharmacy. I am now on an effective regimen of three antipsychotics: Risperdal Consta injections, Geodon and Seroquel. They all work wonders together. Totally gone.

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No I haven’t what about him

How long did it take for yours to go away after starting those meds?

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Serotonin agonists and abstinence from drugs.

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Well, I was still very sick on Geodon for years and years. Then, in 2008, my pdoc put me on Risperdal Consta injections and I was still very sick for eight years. It was when my pdoc added Seroquel 200 mg to the mix that my positive symptoms of broadcasting and insertions went away almost immediately. Later on, we lowered the Seroquel down to 100 mg without any adverse effects.

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Did you try proving it public? I’ve noticed that abilify just made it take longer for them to see throug what I said

It might be due to you being more powerful than you are aware of.
It might have to do with you being virtually FAMOUS … like me!!

Omg me too. :cowboy_hat_face: