What's 'A Boff'?

I think I related this funny story before, but it’s worth a repeat.

When my kids were toddlers and couldn’t read, one day I left a note on the kitchen table for my wife which read…

“Catch you later for a Boff!”

My elderly Mother came over for a surprise visit…I forgot the note was there, and Mom read it and said…

"Patrick, what’s a Boff’??


My face turned purple…I gasped for air…stuttered…and finally, miraculously blurted out…

“Oh. That’s just a new Starbucks coffee I want to try with Hon!”

Mom bought it hook, line and sinker! Phew! That was a real close one! :joy:


Yeah, but you didn’t tell us what flavor of coffee at Starbucks a boff is.

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That was my biggest fear…my elderly Mom going to Starbucks the next day and asking for a Boff!

AwkWARD MOment!


Does Starbuck’s still sell a good rodgering to it’s customers?


“But my son told me…”


I have a VERY rude joke related to this but trust me it is filthy lol

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So what is a boff???

Star Wars character: Grand Boff Tarkin.


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