Whatever you like? 🤔

How would you react if your significant other said

‘do whatever you like’ ?

BTW If I don’t reply anybody for something - please it has nothing to do with you. it’s me =)(=
Kidding - maybe info I don’t want to share.

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a polite way of saying ‘I don’t care if you go to hell’ ?

I need the context, but on its own it sounds good. It beats the heck out of a control freak.

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What the sleepybug is that you?

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‘the love bug’ please

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Okay I guess you are the love bug now. I guess you didn’t like your previous name.

yeah =) :laughing:

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Personally if I said this it would probably mean that I was fine with whatever my significant other did and would love them either way. Of course I don’t have one so I don’t know.

Could be good or bad, all depends on context and tone of voice.

that’s a nice perspective but feels a little indifferent? in the context :thinking:
Maybe he is just tired of me constantly unstable.

So that’s indifferent? I thought that I was being sweet with what was given.

I am not sure I understand ?

I mean ‘do whatever you like’ feels indifferent to me.

It may mean something else coming from a guy’s perspective =) thank you!

my friend’s post on FB


Sometimes people are just not in the same mood as their partner, it’s kinda like saying I’m to tired to deal with it

I’m a little bit weary of men claiming to be feminists doesn’t seem right. Nothing is wrong with the statement itself but I would think that would be at a feminist protest or something. I like first and second wave feminism. Just don’t agree with third wave feminism.

It’s a subject that can be debated all day, I treat everyone equally, what they do with it is up to them.


Some things I do not like either. But I think everybody should be free somehow. Women should be able to abort a baby they do not want IMO and also divorce should be much easier in third world countries. Where I come from - it is a disaster.

Women still do not get paid as much as men. . .

me too

I’m a little divided on this one. It’s a minor issue for me though so I don’t need to talk about it.

Agreed. Also women shouldn’t be stoned or beheaded.

I’ve heard of a couple of explanations of this. From women taking different jobs. Men statistically take riskier jobs. Also men are more likely to take careers in STEM.

My problem is that third wave feminism seems like a supremacy movement sometimes. I was talking about the case in america. Many third world countries do still need to give more rights to their women that is not what I was talking about.

this is extremely rare but still happens: a lot of crap everywhere in the world.
Just some cultures are extremely impacted by religion too - so. :peace:

Actually - when I worked in the gulf middle east - I met a lot of Muslim people and made a lot of friends. I think this terrorism and the brainwashing and just the dictatorship has ruined the idea of the religion.

In christianity too - a bunch of freaks who interpret things in a subjective way and just don’t understand the message.

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I’m not going to get into religion right now but yes there are a lot of bad things that happen in that area of the world. I don’t know what could be done other than a country taking it over by force and implementing better laws. Tried that in Iraq and still the shiites try and oppress the sunnis. Maybe one day things will get better but it looks like that will take a while. Some nations over there are better than others from what I hear. Like the UAE might be a better place than Saudi Arabia.