Whatever this thing is it's killing me

I get dizzy and lightheaded from it along with presser build up in the head. It makes me feel like I’m dyeing from this. All awhile the voices get worse. feel my brain is dyeing because my cognitive thinking is slower or none at all at times. The pian along the nerves along the skull feel like sharp razer blades across them. Something is killing me and the doctors are no help. What could hate me so much to make me feel so much torment over these years.

Have you spoken to a doctor about that? I get that feeling due to CSF fluctuations in my skull. Others can get that due to med withdrawal, or electrolyte imbalance. That is not mental illness though. You are describing neurological distress.

My phycological doctor wants me to get a MRI done. It’s going to be a month before I see my health care provider to refer me to a neurologist.

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That is a good idea. An MRI will help them see if there is anything structurally wrong.

To prepare for your neurologist appointment, it might be a good idea to start taking note of your symptoms. When they show up, what makes them better, what makes them go away. Some things to try:

Changing position from laying to standing

Curling up in fetal position, then stretching out

Drinking gatorade

the weather during symptom flare-ups and relief periods

Screen time usage


OTC pain relievers (as directed)

I’ll keep those in mind thanks.

I have had this for years on going. I’ve had a MRI done in the past when this first started, and everything looked fine along with EEGs done. but this was years ago. However, this has gotten worse with everything I described that’s going on with my head.

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