What you think?

I was thinking to post this to insta but it’s just spiteful


Isn’t it better to be honest.

Nicer too.

I really would like to meet Anders again.
Look in to his eyes and apologise and have a talk.
And so…

I still love :two_hearts: him​:slightly_smiling_face:

We were in n off but I was steered by others destruktively and I think they separated us …

Us without alcohol etc

Sacred man.

I lost his contact details n can’t find him but I have a boyfriend and am faithful.

Maybe extroverts are more restless and need to go out more to socialize, and introverts are more homepeople.
I prefer to visit as getting visited.

Some people are more active and want to be out more and explore, others like myself prefer to be at home.


I’ve set my house up so I enjoy being here. Especially because people I don’t like aren’t here.

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