What you say too me you say to others

what you say too me you say to others

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this sounded a little strange. did you mean “to?”

depends on what you mean

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the mind and hearts contains

okay. can you rephrase your riddle, please? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I replace “too” with its almost equal meaning “as well,” I get:

“what you say as well me you say to others.”

even if I add commas, it still sounds a little strange.

“what you say, as well, me you say to others.”

I write a lot, so I don’t know… :confounded:

oooo! got it. :slight_smile:

like if I have a certain trait towards an individual, even if I try to hide it in public, other people will eventually see that trait.

another reason why I probably shouldn’t go outside much. :slight_smile:

whatever is in ones heart and mind will be put out

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Yes, that is what they say sometimes.

If you say it to one then imagine everyone else hearing you as well.

That’s how they look at it, say to one you say it to all.

Lolz @sirBoring the grammar nazi.

How do you comfort a grammar nazi?
You pat them on the back and say, " Their, they’re, there."


I write a lot. I can’t help it sometimes.