What you can do to prevent Alzheimer's

I found this lecture fascinating.


Nice one thanks for sharing…

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I saw this chick on tv the other day. Very informative

Depressing. The same conclusion should then be applied to sz. Once u have it it’s too late.

Also what’s we muss do for prevent Alzheimer’s?
@GentleSoul we can’t prevent all the illness is impossible


I will try Orthomolecular therapy maybe I can diminish my AP dosage
@everhopeful do you know Orthomolecular?

It’s a scam. Orthomolecular therapy was what I tried when I was off meds. Vitamins etc have no antipsychotic properties.

It’s not a scam with certain people they work but you can’t go off AP and use only Orthomolecular
Niacin help a lot with Orthomolecular you can diminishing the dosage of ap

The system filter keeps flagging any posts with the term orthomolecular so I’m shutting down this thread.