What would?

A new game…

Make up a sentence… the next person will finish it/answer it and ask another question

what would a talking pizza say? :pizza:

PS sorry for all this crazy stuff… I’m just having fun… take it easy.

a talking pizza would say ‘eat me, eaaatttt meeeee’ lol

lolz… or maybe… how do you like my cheese?

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i like cheese but it gave me nightmares :frowning: lol

have you tried gruyere? I’ve heard gruyere gives you sweet dreams

can you put that on a pizza? :heart_eyes: :blush: :yum:

pizza… or pasta… chicken artichoke… chicken pasta and parmesan… :spaghetti:

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What would you do if you saw Leonardo DiCaprio coming your way?

I’d pull out my nine.

What would you do if could travel anywhere in the world?

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I’d phone Gilbert Grape to come and take him home.


What would you do if you turned into a werewolf?

Head into the nearest barber shop.
What would the alien say when it discovered you had nailed the curtain to the wall so it couldn’t come in.

Just passing through -

In what hiding place would you find a pot of gold - other than around a rainbow?

you know


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Considering my luck I would find a gold pot

Get a job as a wig salesperson?

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that errant orange shtufff…

Stalk the night and hunt my prey

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