What would you think if you seen two male adults holding hands in the street?

Me and my friend and housemate like to hold hands sometimes. It isn’t an all the time occurrence but we find ourselves handing hands while walking. He has sensory issues and we both like to show affection to each other. We have been good friends for years. It isn’t anythings gay we just like doing it. We haven’t had people say anything to our face or had any dirty looks or comments. We live in a nice town in the U.K. I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable handing hands in rougher areas… How would it go down if tow males were holding hand where you live?

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Holy cow, I made it out of the house…yay!

In India it’s common


I seen many Men hold hands when I was in India…

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Honestly, I don’t think anyone cares. Like, at all. I’d be surprised if most anyone even noticed that you guys were holding hands. The truth is that no one’s thinking about you. Most people are too busy living their own lives to care about how you’re living yours.

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I’d think “aww, that’s sweet”


Nothing wrong with it what so ever in my eyes

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If my two boys can lick each other’s tongues in public, men can hold hands in public.

Honestly if I saw that, I’d be thinking you guys are gay


I would assume they were gay. At the least I might acknowledge that they may be straight but they are acting gay so where there is smoke, there’s fire. Personally, it wouldn’t bother me but not everybody is as tolerant as me.

I would think they’re either gay or foreign. American guys only do it if they’re gay. But many foreign men do hold hands


I would assume they were gay and being out about it. but really I would see it and glance away so I wouldn’t even have to think about. I don’t care.

I don’t see what the problem is.
Yes, everyone will assume you’re gay. But if you have balls, you won’t even care. Show your friend your love and think about things that matter.


I think that’s sweet.

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Do u live in sans fransico

I would assume you were homosexual or bisexual if I saw you holding hands with another male, but there is nothing wrong with that. I’d honestly be happy for you. I wish hand holding between the same gender was more common, to be honest. I am bisexual, so I like seeing same-sex people happy to be holding hands.

Now, on the point that you are NOT gay (assumed by the way you wrote your post), that is totally cool! I used to hold hands with my female friend and we weren’t dating. We just were close friends and liked to hold hands sometimes. That’s pretty rad to have a close friendship like that. So, go you!


I would be a little surprised and then go about my own business.

Gay marriage is legal here in Ireland, so even two guys kissing would be ok.

Probably not as well as it should, which is a crime. I personally think it’s cute, especially when it’s young puppies in love.