What would you make of this?

My psychiatrist gave me a dx of schizophrenia within 5 minutes of meeting me. Not at all following proper procedure. It turns out my family is just plain messed up and has done very horrible things to me (at least on my fathers side). I met a psychiatrist who was on call and he talked to me for over an hour. By the end of our session, he threw the schizophrenia diagnosis away right then and told me I have PTSD. This psychiatrist is considered by many to be very brilliant (at the very least. I however think he’s a genius). I know misdiagnosis’s are rare, but my regular pdoc is a complete and utter idiot.


I think it is possible to figure out you dx, in five minutes…because of negative symptoms.

I have hunch that the psychiatrist that said you have PTSD is incorrect…because I think your other psychiatrist is correct.

I think it doesn’t take an hour to figure out your dx.

It’s an art. It really is.

My shrink picked it pretty early even though I went 5 years before being re-diagnosed.

If they are any good then stick with them. A good one is hard to find!

I think a whole lot of psychiatrists are wrong with being diagnosed. I think most of the time, the original diagnoses is correct. I think some psychiatrist, over analyze it…about your diagnoses.

Honestly I’d probably trust the second doc more because I feel like he was probably more thorough if he took an hour to make a decision.

You can’t know a person in 5 minutes.

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These people can only give a diagnosis of SZ here in the UK if your problems have gone on for more than 6 months

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