?))) - What Would You Lyke Your Tombstone To Say - (((?

Well You Know What They Say … ,

Blargh Blargh Blargh Blargh Blargh …

Mine would say " YOLO".


“what r yu luking at”

Honestly I dont know what I would put, Im not thinking that far ahead.

honestly i dont need a tombstone…dump me somewhere.



(Part 2)

“EW See”

Why Naught Thus As A Sticker On Your Grayve (???)

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He May Hate Hip Hop , But He Can’t Wait Fo Some Hamblurgurrrrs …


I want my tombstone to read…

Bad art can make you laugh
Good art can make you think
Great art can destroy you

(I came up with that phrase during one of my manic psychotic episodes.)


best :slight_smile: …great art can destroy (others)

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i wish all Tombstones read this

“Die Religion Die”

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Jus So Ya Know ,

There Is A Sickel Difference Between Religion and Spirituality … ,

Unless Thaz Where You Are Coming From …

organizzed religion

“Never was really there”

chickken burggerrssssssssssss

Yeah No Doubt … ,

One Day A Preacher Was All Up In My Grill Trying To Get Tha Demons Out Of Me … ,

Thankfully I have A Stupid Sense Of Humor … ,

Never Went Back To That Church …

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What about “Fastest Man Dead”