?))) - What Would You Lyke Your Tombstone To Say - (((?

yeah more mouths to feed for.

The strongest will survive. lol.

I mean honestly speaking…

How many enlightened humans do we have on Earth?..CURRENTLY???

I would say NONE.

Most Humans are born, live like Animals …Like someone else said here…Father 100 more kids-------In turn producing more ignorance and die like Animals.

Enter cycle is WASTED.

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"The strongest will survive. lol. " ----------- BY DESTROYING OTHER HUMANS AND EARTH.

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I don’t get your point; if you feel like dying, why do you try to convince other people that they should too?

I don’t want to die yet. I want to see Disneyland and to eat ice cream. You think its dumb? Well I think there is nothing dumber than killing yourself.


Not necessarily. A scientist who is wealthy, tall, handsome, and disease free would benefit society greatly by donating his sperm to evolutionary successful women.

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I believe that if you werent delusional your view on life would be so much different

I tried to commit suicide and regret it so much. Some of us thank the stars for being alive, you know?

A Long T(Y)me Ago I Tried As Well … ,

I Ended Up In A Severe Amount Of Pain … ,

I Awoke and Tha Sun Was Shining Throo Tha Blinds … ,

I Said Under My Breath … ,

" I hate you " ,

Sarcastically … ,

It Was A Beautiful Morning and I Understood Tha Message Completely …

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Back to the main discussion: This is what my real, final Tombstone would say:

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The day after I enjoyed life so much I just kept laughing. Thought of people like they were well dressed monkeys with make up. Just looking at my hands I felt happy for being alive.

I’m glad you’re alive, just so you know.

Please Don’t .

Fufteen .

Well I am, deal with it.

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Tombstone … ,

" and I laughed like a child , drunk in her garden " - (_______________)

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Your prob right

I dont get it…and how ?..Genes dont determine intelligence.

Else Netwtons family would be owning science by now.

I knew I should have flagged your religious vid on the budha. Kick that nonsense to touch…

why…Is it bothering u so much ??

Noone is stopping u to do ur thing…whatever that is.

Your views on matters seems to be causing you a lot of stress…