What would you have the most trouble living without? - Poll

What would you have the most trouble living without?
  • Computer/Tablet
  • Cell Phone
  • Television

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I gotta have my movies mane! :wink:


Cellphone! I can access the internet on a web browser, I can install lots of apps that connect me with the services I use (bank accounts, password managers, emails, Google photos, other Google services, Fitbit, Bearable mood & symptom tracker, Amazon, Etsy, other shopping apps), games, a shortcut to this forum, a calculator, an alarm clock… And of course, I can call and text people, with ease…

I can do a lot of things on my cellphone. And it’s easily portable! I can have all of the above mentioned, AND MORE, in my pocket!! :smiley:


Without my cell phone it would be impossible to access my bank and pay bills, among other things.
Our computer is ancient and cant handle most tasks anymore.


Definitely the smartphone. I would say that the majority of humans and their lives will revolve around their smartphone between now and the future.


In reality it’s none of these the most precious thing is life I feel like I can’t make it without my spouse my family is supportive to these devices are to hand use the world but your world is with your family


The Computer. All my streaming TV comes off it, as well as my games. And all my online stuff like shopping and paying the bills is done on it.
I spend my time from waking to going to bed on the thing.


Entertainmentwise televison, but I need my computer to pay the bills, order stuff, apply for jobs, check mail etc. Living without a computer would be liberating I think, but very inconvenient. I replaced my smartphone with a dumbphone. That helps a lot. I found smartphones very stressful.

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