What would you do?


I know this guys at work that’s had hiv / aids for over 4 years . He’s about 65 years old . He looks sicker and sicker and a few times I’ve caught him smiling talking to himself and staring at the ground . Should I try to get help for him ? Tell the people around him ? What do I do?


I wouldnt get involved. If your close you could ask if he’s ok but don’t tell everybody


That’s a hard one, your heart is in the right place for caring.

If you knew a very close friend or family member I’d say tell them, but it may get messy telling work people who won’t actually be able to help him.

I’ve heard before that when people are close to dying they often hear voices of their loved ones, unfortunately maybe that may be the case for him.( It may not be Sz).


Maybe you can talk to him and ask him if there’s anything you can do for him. He knows he talks to himself and apparently he knows people notice, so you if you talk to him it isn’t like you’re commenting on something that needs to be a secret.

The poor guy is facing his own mortality. Maybe a kind, empathic person who will talk to him will take a little of the burden of his diagnosis off his shoulders.
Sometimes the smallest gesture can make a big difference in someones life.


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