What would you do? Would like opinions

Weird question here. If you were dealing with something murderous and powerful, and you were immortal as in you revive immediately after death, would you sacrifice yourself to basically be this thing’s punching bag forever, tortured and killed over and over in a multitude of ways, or would you stand back and let it take out its rage on others while you remained safe, even if it meant many, many people would die horribly?

It’s related to my nightmares and is a scenario that comes up often for me…I stand up to an evil force but end up becoming its chew toy…unless I stand back and just let it destroy everyone around me…

Sounds similar to the myth about Prometheus who sacrificed himself for the well-being of the human race. He taught the humans how to use fire what made the Greek gods really pissed, so they chained him to some big mountain forever. Now he’s stuck there and some huge vulture is eating out his liver. What’s worst, everytime his liver has been eaten by this damn bird it grows back again so he;s been suffering for ages. That’s some shitty fate…

others lol


I would try to take it for as long as possible, but eventually I would probably give in.

Why let him torture you? I say you try to take him out. Make it the humble tale of a young woman to begin an epic quest to rid the world of this monster. Excelsior!

Oh I fight like heck when I can. Only problem is whoever or whatever I’m fighting in that scenario tends to fight back, hard…it only escalates the violence

I almost feel like fighting for your life and the brutally killing the same thing over and over again only to have it come back is as exhausting/traumatizing as just being killed over and over. Someone dies regardless of the choice. And it’s never a satisfying kill either as they will be laughing at me or smug or I know they’ll come back again…

Very hard question to answer. I think I would go half and half.

Yes. Don’t try to do it by yourself. Try to organize an effective fighting force against him.

You know it’s frustrating. I have all these aspects of myself that I interact with in my dreams. And none of the good ones have powers. I mean like one of them can fly but that’s it! So they’re completely useless when it comes to helping me out. Meanwhile almost all the bad ones have powers. It’s completely unbalanced strength wise.

This reminds me of a Culture novel by Iain m Banks that is set in the future that allows a hell to be created after people’s death. In this hell, one cannot die but suffer excruciating deaths only to be reborn in a worse state. Whole swathes of taunt skin built buildings made of alien creatures that pulsate in agony from the acid rain cause unending pain forever. The hell’s of these aliens are quite dramatic and infinite.

This tale tells of two mortal aliens infiltrating this artificially created hell to expose it to the living and so stop it forever. I would say that fighting a never ending battle is the task you have to take, as those others that suffer because of this demon is worth the fight. No matter how tiring it is ultimately, sacrificing yourself time and time again is reflective of your innermost psyche’s battle to endure no matter what. It is for the good of others that you do it and that is why you must fight on forever for the sake of others.

@labratmat I would rather live in hell than disappear altogether.

Hell is unbearable. It is the ultimate pain. I would suggest that the whole point of hell is that the living is so bad that you can’t stand it. The fact that you live in the state that you would choose to live in your ‘apparent hell’ is proof that you are not in it.

I don’t mean to diminish your current suffering, but there are those that would choose the existence of ‘nothingness’ over an existence of suffering.

Personally, I believe in ‘quantum immortality’ and the multiverse so can’t escape suffering no matter what. I bear my pain, as I know there is no escaping it. That also implies that you would exist in hell than disappear anyway, so I believe you would have no choice but to live in hell than disappear altogether as well.