What would you do with all this...?


First thing I’d do is stack and count it, that pile is triggering my ocd


Work on a cure.

i’d take a holiday for the rest of my life

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I would just put it all in the bank. My life would not change one iota I’m afraid.

Go on a round the world trip.

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I would get myself some clothes that actually suited my taste instead of my wallet, I would stock up on foods I actually like, and I would pay back some of my debts

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also I give my son half and when I die he gets the rest of it

Take care of my whole family. Then give some to charity. Then buy myself a nice house and new car.

I would buy a nice house.

I would buy a mansion and a dodge viper ACR I think they’re called. Top of the line dream car. The rest I would invest and save.

If I just came into a ton of money I would feel obligated to pay it forward. I would donate 15% to reputable charities such as Make-A-Wish America and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

That said, I would then buy a $100M house and a $50M privet jet.


If I didn’t earn it, I don’t want it.

Anything that comes that easily has a nasty string attached somewhere. I don’t need that bad juju in my life so good riddance.

I’d pay off my debts, buy my parents a home. Commission some artists to draw some of my favorite characters, fix up my house, buy some nerd stuff and videogames, give everyone really good tips, go back to school and not worry about work.

Also a good chunk would go to helping people

Buy some books and nice healthy food. Some clothes maybe - at second hand shop or flea market. Put a tidy sum in bank for a nest egg or rainy day. And give to charity as I’m able.

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id call Donald trump and ask would he go to the local pub for a pint

How many pints are you going to buy him? lol

a few maybe, I admire this man

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Yeah, just saying you dont need that much money to go the pub. Do you mean you would pay him to go there?

Did you just say you admire Donald Trump?