What would you do in this situation

My mother in law has my son once a week, sometimes its once every 9 days. And she has him for the day.

However she hides the fact she is having him from her other son who also has kids even though she sees them most days.

Yesterday we dropped him for the day but at 3pm we got a call asking if we could pick him up cause she has a doctors appoibtment.

Anyway it turns out she did not have a doctor appointment…she went to her other sons to see their kids…again and did not want them to know she had our son.


For realz,

You remember my mother in law issues.

I think at this point in your relationship you have time to set new boundaries and enforce them.

Whatever she’s doing, it’s weird.

And if you don’t like it,

Don’t do it.

She has no right to your chlld.

They feel like they do, believe me, my mom hired a lawyer to try to stop my adoption.

They got no power.

It’s all about what you want and if that involves being a little harsh with her, so be it.


Why do parents believe they have rights to our children? Where does that come from? Is it really old in your opinion?

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I don’t know what they’re thinking.

Some parents think they have a right to their children’s lives,

But that’s not how it works.

Once everyone is adults,

It should be about wanting to carry on that relationship and respect.

My mother and I still have issues on this subject and that ■■■■ was 10 years ago.


By the way, as to your question, what would I do in your situation? I think that you should have a conversation directly with your mother-in-law about what it means that she’s lying. You should inquire as to why she’s hiding things about your child from the rest of your family. It sounds insulting and it probably is when it sounds that way. Hopefully she’s cool enough that she can just have a conversation with you directly if you initiate one

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I sent her this message. But she has not responded

You don’t need to hide to us when you go to Bradley’s because we arent like them x we can actually behave and have maturity.

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That seems like a fair statement

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