What would you do if people could see your intrusive thoughts

Had this happen to me, and I was mortified, people judging me, feel so depressed.

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It would be a torture. :frowning:


it was a torture for me, but these people won’t leave me alone.

I’d probably be fired…no one would hang around me…I’d probably be locked up in a mental institution.

But no one can see my intrusive thoughts, and no one can see yours either. What happens is your anxiety about other people being able to know them becomes so strong you start honing in on any negative facial expressions you see, or even interpreting other peoples expressions around you as being bad…then you think they really do know. Your brain warps your perspective.

Unless you literally told people your intrusive thoughts and they judged you which sucks.


I’d just say I’m thinking of making a movie/videogame.


I deal with this too. One of my coping strategies is to tell myself, “You know the truth” or “God is with you.” It’s just a small thing but it helps me a little. (“So what?” is another thing I’ve tried to say to myself to lessen the impact but that doesn’t always work.)

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