What would you do if mental illness was a person? poll

what would you do if mental illness was a person? would you treat it differently from other people or would you try to get to know it and understand it? maybe you would like to tell it to stop bothering you or just run away from it altogether and avoid it, i am sure there are other things you might like to say or do so lets hear them :slight_smile:

Wrap a blanket around its shoulders, give it a cup of tea, and ask it what’s wrong and what I can do to help. Maybe make up the bed in the basement for it if it didn’t have a place to sleep that night. Try to call its family or friends to let them know to come pick it up.


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I’m gonna make sure my frontal lobe stays in control this time. But if mental illness was a person I’d feel terrible for it. It would have no other purpose other then being mental illness. Maybe buy it an ice cream. And learn what their philosophical stand would be.


That’s a hard question since the MI is basically who I am, but if you remove it and take a look at it, I’m almost certain that it would be like Halloween and it would scare the crap out of me.


I’d probably be pretty pissed for messing my life up.

forgive them
take care :alien:


if mental illness was a person, I’d start a dating website that would introduce them to people who were antipsychotics.


I would punch him.