What would you do? help

This is going to be pretty real.
It’s a what would you do moment!
If you thought you might possibly have a kid what would you do?
I’ve counted all the months and everything and people use to make jokes about it but I never really caught on.
When I was younger about 16-17 I was around a chick I liked a lot but kind of screwed her over in some way that I can’t really remember.
I remember vividly her saying she missed her pill and a couple months later she was pregnant.
the thing I find weird is I had contact with this chick roughly 9 months before it happened and I no longer have contact with anyone I knew.
And I really think there is about a 90% chance it is true.
It’s been about 4-5 years since than and I’ve gone through a lot personally but I just don’t know if it’s my schiz or not.
I’m having a ton of memories about sh#t and the most f#cked thing is this chick lives in my town and kept my mum on facebook for years up until my mother deleted her a while ago.
I’ve gone over a ton of conversations that have come back to me like I have been posting about memories coming back and I think it may be true and everyone knows.

What should I do?
I don’t know this person anymore, I’m completely different and everyone is what would you do if you really thought this might be true? I really think there is a high chance she even came to see me at the hospital when I was going through psychosis and I sort of asked he had blonde hair like I did as a kid and the same type of nose. she gave me a lift back from the hospital and everything, but I haven’t seen her since the start of 2012 she even rang my mother one night saying she f#cked up and is stuck in the city and no one is by her side anymore and that she was sorry but it’s never really clicked until now I’m being dead set 100% serious I don’t think this is my schiz and I think it’s really true so I’m asking what would you do?
My schiz is no where near as bad as people think I don’t know what to do right now.
I have no where to really turn so I’m asking people on here…

You should give your own child a visit, at the very least. If shes annoying then it may be a one time visit but if shes likeable then you can make them your friends, if you dont want to be a father. But a visit is a must, i would do it if i were you.

I don’t know though if it is or not. I would have been there if it was.

If it is, why would she keep it from you?

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That’s the question I want to know. and I sort of know why.