What would you choose


Perhaps your treatment team can support you in your feelings of loneliness and think of ways out? They know your area as well…

I know, when I was more sad and lonely, I thought I’d never meet new people, there were no chances of me finding a partner or even new friends. Right now I’m seeing more opportunities. So things can change. Perhaps your pdoc or team can help you see opportunities, where you don’t?

sends support & hugs over the internet


I would prefer being a research mathematician/physicist, engineer or even chess master,
over prime minister of Israel, or a big businessman or having a large legitimate family.


This is the only partner I need



I voted wrong. Your results no longer are fact :wink:


What kind of scenario causes you to be lonely with a sound mind? I’d imagine it’d be easier to find someone in that case than having schizophrenia.

Even like morbidly obese sane people can find a partner easily.


Anything for a cure… I would take the loner option. I miss the quiet in my head.


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