What would you choose

  • A partner and have schizophrenia
  • A loliness and healthy mind

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I don’t mind loneliness. I prefer a sane mind


I prefer being loved by a girl
I don’t care about schizophrenia
It’s better that. Someone loves me


Loneliness and being sane, definitely. I do miss having a partner at times, but I’m not even sure if I could still get used to sharing my life with someone. The idea seems really nice, but then it would be a big adjustment as well. On both sides. I don’t think I’m the easiest person to live with.


I never want to be in an intimate relationship again.


But if the partner is perfect as you desired

And you experience joy together and forget about suffering


That would be wonderful and I sometimes dream of that… but still, I’d prefer to have my sanity back. Being sane would mean for me that I could be myself again, that I could be a better mum, a better daughter, among other things. That I could live free of all this fear and guilt. That would be an even greater gift than the perfect partner for me.


Becouse you have kids


Yes, I think my son makes a huge difference. Sanity would mean my son could live with me and I could raise him myself, in good circumstances. That would be more than any partner could ever give me.


Loliness is worse suffering then schizophrenia for me


But if you don’t have partner you would not had kids


I do understand loneliness is horrible. I’ve felt really lonely as well and still at times.

And yes, I’ve had a partner in the past and without him I wouldn’t have had my son. We already weren’t together anymore when I was pregnant. Sometimes being alone is better than being with a partner. :-/


I don’t see point of living and happy myself alone


No one accepts you as you are


I know life can feel real bad when you feel lonely. I too felt extremely lonely when I lost contact to my family and friends because of my illness. I thought I would never find new friends. Eventually I met new people though, who were more accepting of me as I am. They are a bit weird themselves, but that kind of fits. Also, I reconnected to family. I don’t have a large group of friends, but just a few to see now and then.

I’m am sure you can find people who will accept you as you are. You seem like such a kind person! Are there activities you like to do, where you could meet people? Perhaps one of the people you meet can be a friend, a partner…


No there is not just nightclubs to meet girls where is everybody using alcohol


Hm… nightclubs aren’t the best place I think to meet a kind girl for a real bond. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t accepted for who you are in a nightclub - so many people don’t fit in there!

How about things like church, sports, volunteering, activities of your treatment team (they have a recovery club in mine), singles holidays, hobby clubs, internet dating?


Don’t have that …
I don’t go to church I am not believer
I go to gym but too shy to talk to girls


I don’t believe it will work and I will look like idiot chatting girls in gym


I understand. It’s more difficult to meet people if you are shy. I too am too shy to approach people. Used to be supershy. It is possible to learn to be a little less shy though, right now I can do small talk if the other initiates it. But I too would never dare approach a guy in the gym, so I see what you mean.