What would you choose as a profession

Hi, so I’m studying to become a healthcare assistant but I’m not very enthusiastic about it. I’ve also studied to become a veterinary assistant before. Since am I have sz/sza which of these jobs would you see a person with sz/sza do? or which is better?

I am a nurse and studying to be a nurse practitioner. So I like Healthcare. Maybe biased though lol.

I would have liked to become an actuary but it is probably too late now.

Data Entry. 。°。°。°。°。°

If I’d known my journey I would have done a trade and something where I could have worked my own hours. Unfortunately I got diagnosed at 29 and had a lifetime of low skilled jobs as all I knew after failing out of Uni.

Still. Jobs in the supply chain aren’t bad. Driving forklifts and loading/unloading or order picking are usually good…they require little thought and you can zone out but still work effectively…and are just process work and they pay quite well compared to other things like retail.

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maybe an office job, supporting a meaningful organisation

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There are a number of jobs I would have liked if I didn’t have schizophrenia - library assistant because I’m interested in classifications systems as a nemonic. Wild life agent. Journalism, because all that writing could help me have a much better command of writing.

In another life I would have loved to have been a coroner. Always seemed like an amazing important fascinating job.

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Artist, but already am one. Creative. Nothing else, as I cannot cope anymore with many things. Lose the attention and motivation very quick.

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I would like an office job but I can’t talk a lot so I’d have to go back to unloading semi trucks if I ever had to work again.

Data Scientist


My brother is a data analyst. For a major bank. No clue what he actually does.


Also tattoo artist. As I am into that.

I was a total fool for choosing nursing. The only reason I did is because nursing was one of the only good paying jobs still in demand back during the recession of 1982.

We own a vending machine business

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What would be a dream job for me now would be some kind of sales position.

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