What would you answer?

One day a mighty gangster approaches you and gives you his offer. He understand your needs for revenge. He especially understand your dilemma being a victim of abusers. He offers himself as the murderer to attack your enemies while protecting your true identity.
Would you accept his offer?

Another day a sexy lady approaches you and gives you her offer. She understand your dilemma having difficulty with proper social etiquette. She especially understand your needs for freedom. She offers herself as the slave so that you can do whatever you like to her.
Would you accept her offer?

If you could get a thousand dollars, but in order to get it a seventy year old man in China would have to die, would you take the money? Hopefully, most of us wouldn’t.

I would accept neither, I believe my enemies or people who have hurt me will get their comeuppance due to the pain they caused me, but I wouldn’t want them attacked or killed it makes me no better than they are.

I’m a heterosexual female but I do not agree with a woman or man giving themselves up as a slave, even if they chose to do so p, it means they must have been brainwashed somehow! Most people are in slavery without consent, I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a slave without the fact they have had a bad experience of life and feel it’s their only option.

Sorry I don’t like these sort of things…

It is about TEMPTATION from the world and DESIRE of the flesh.

You are as healthy as you can morally.